Freedom From Your Thinking Mind
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the thinker

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If you are like many others, feeling good or personally successful was trial and error, usually error? Well you don't have to do that anymore. You can find out exactly what it is that truly holds you back, and what to become very Aware of to know what to do to genuinely be happy, successful and at peace on a consistent basis, in ways that simply are not taught in our society.
In fact we are taught the opposite of this! And the true answers have alluded you until now.   Inside this book you will learn ...

Why underlying fear often stops you from doing what you would like to do. What actually creates the fear, and what it is you are actually scared of.
This will not be what you may think!
change perception
How to change your perception of 'any' event, situation or interaction in a way that allows you to succeed, and not be triggered or hurt. And you will learn process that will free you to experience more happiness and peace on a regular basis.
young decision
When and what decisions you made about yourself, at a very, very young age, that dictate every action and reaction in your life now. Again, this is not what you may think it was. This may even shock you!
more than one mind
We have more than one mind, or part to the mind. Find out about them and how to use them in your favor, instead of one of them constantly using you for its own fear and psychological pain avoidance based purposes.
understanding memory
How to understand what creates and adjusts memory, and why using your memory to define yourself, or any part of your life, is inherently flawed. Discover an area of memory never before documented.
stop using your past
How to change how you internally and externally define your perception of yourself, so you can stop using your past or the perceived perceptions of others, to define yourself, and sio you can define yourself anew in every new moment.
adjust your perception
How to consistently adjust your perception of your reality, so you can perceive life in any way you choose.

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